Joining the Community

We are thrilled you have decided to join our community. We have a growing Slack community where current and aspiring analytics leaders discuss and share lessons and challenges from their experience working with data.

If you have not already, please reach out to ask for an invite to our Slack group. In your email, please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’re interested in joining your community.

Once you have received your invite, please do the following:

In Slack, remember that channels are free. If you want to start a conversation on a topic that doesn’t have a channel dedicated to it, you can create a channel and invite others to join you.

Participating in the Slack community

In general, in this community, we trust that everyone will behave in ways that they believe are appropriate. There are some hard-and-fast rules in our code of conduct, which we expect everyone to adhere to: specifically, rules prohibiting harassment and intolerant behavior. However, in general, we prefer to have guidelines for behavior rather than hard-and-fast rules in a way that promotes organic growth and discussion.


This community is built for data practitioners to discuss the work that they do, the ideas that they have, and the things that they are learning. It is not intended to be lead generation for vendors or recruiters. Vendors can add enormous value to the community by being there to answer questions about their products when questions arise, but we do not want the community to become a sales-channel that drowns out organic discussion.

If someone mentions a problem that your product could help with, it is appropriate to add a comment to a thread saying “Hey I work at X and we have a solution that addresses this problem. PM me for information”. It is not appropriate to:

Similarly, it is not appropriate to directly reach out to community members to recruit them for a role. You may post a JD in the #jobs channel and invite interested candidates to reach out to you directly.

Vendor participation

We have had some great discussion in the #communityrules channel about how community members who also work for vendors should behave with respect to their and their competitor’s competitors’ products. There are three concerns we (the community) feel the need to address explicitly:

In order to address these, we (the community) want to propose two rules and two guidelines

If you observe anyone violating these rules or guidelines (or you just see something that makes you uncomfortable or you believe is hurting the community) please reach out to an admin (@scott, @michael, @ilan, or @sam swift) and we’ll address it. You can also send us an email. And, of course, we expect that we will need to continuously evolve as a community, so joining the #communityrules channel is a great place to participate if you have thoughts on how we can make the community better.

Inviting Others

If you are already a member of the Slack group, we encourage you to invite other like-minded current or aspiring analytics leaders using Slack’s “invite people” feature yourself! We only ask that you respect our mission of maintaining a sense of community and refrain from email / Facebook / LinkedIn blasts to a mass audience. We trust that everyone will act reasonably in how they contribute to building and growing our community.

Contributing to the Blog

We are very excited to publish blog posts from current and future analytics leaders on LocallyOptimistic.

A few ground rules:

If you have an idea for a post you would like to write, reach out to someone from the editorial team on slack, and we will add you to our #authors channel where we collaborate on preparing posts for publication.

If you want to workshop post ideas, we have a channel for that in the slack group at #post-ideas. If you have other questions or concerns, please reach out on slack.